Your Own Exclusive Ads-In The Palm of Their Hands!

Soundpod® Channel 1  allows you to run exclusive promotional banner ads.

Management can design and produce exclusive daily, weekly or monthly ads or promotional information, which we will incorporate into their proprietary version of The Soundpod® App. Ads will be seen every time the app is opened in the Soundpod® enabled location.

Why Soundpod®?

Your customers  will appreciate the investment you've made in audio/video, TVs, exclusive sports packages and monthly cable or satellite charges.

Why give them only the video-One Half of what you're actually paying for?

Soundpod®  and Soundpod® Ads, in conjunction with your exclusive promotions, will keep your customers super engaged in your location.

Engaged customers translate into more enjoyable visits and higher returns, while making your location stand heads above the rest

​Your customers will appreciate the difference that Soundpod® makes will you!

The APP that signals the end of the muted TV

To speak to a sales rep., 

Call: 1(800) 438-5299

SuperCharge Your TV Sound 

Soundpod®, the innovative new APP and integrated wifi system, will bring TV audio to smartphones in any Soundpod® enabled location.

The Soundpod® system is designed for use in sports bars, pubs, restaurants, medical or airport waiting rooms and anywhere TVs are in use, from 1-32.

The innovative and attractive Soundpod® APP can be downloaded for free from The App Store or Google Play and allows guests to select and enjoy audio from their choice of any of 1-32 TV channels, in a single Soundpod® enabled location.