To Restaurant owners and Beverage Manufacturers
Channel 1 Advertising- Be first by being the last.
Your ad or banner ad.......the last thing they see before placing drink or food orders.  For the beverage manufacturer: Soundpod® allows you to create and modify a daily, weekly or monthly ad remotely, via an IP address, or our APP to promote your brand, your current promotions, or internal promotions for your best customer locations. Promoting them, is promoting you. Soundpod® table units are designed to re-set to Channel 1 and your spot each and every time the receiver is turned on. The Smartphone App will include your banner ad promotions continuously rotating on the listeners smartphone.

For the restaurant, sports bar, brew pub, pizza restaurant or places with multiple TV's:
​Soundpod® offers you the ability to entertain and inform your guests with spots or banners that promote food and drink specials, upcoming performances, events, new menu items, cocktails and more. For example, imagine you’re Samuel Adams Breweries and you owned all of the Soundpod® systems in say, Mary's Sports Bars. Before the wait person approaches the table, the customer has just heard a 60 second spot or seen a banner on the APP for Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer. How beneficial that can be to whomever controls those Soundpod® locations.
The last and only advertising message they hear or see at their table before placing a drink order, is a personal ad for your brand or location. Available with our Soundpod® table units and our new Soundpod® APP. Available now.

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