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“Best money we ever spent!”
  Mary's Pizza, NY


SOUNDPOD® table systems are based on three  

components; a wireless speaker/receiver,

a small but powerful transmitter and a

speaker/receiver charging rack that charges 6

units overnight. 

Each speaker can access 16 different channels,

providing 16 listening options for each unit.

Other manufacturers limit the number of channels to 

8 or less, providing far fewer listening options.

Discreet sound designed in, keeps sound isolated.

Each speaker is engineered to keep ambient

noise to a minimum.

That means one table listening to a game, 

won’t bother a neighboring table enjoying an interview


Provetechnology keeps the sound free of


Superior 900mhz technology keeps the sound free from

static, while allowing your speaker/receiver units to reach 

the far corners of your establishment, up to 300 feet.


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Join the Soundpod family and be in on the ground floor to "serving up sound" to restaurants for their patrons nationwide.


We’re currently looking for experienced sales professionals with a background in direct selling, preferably with experience in the restaurant/hospitality segments.  Exclusive regional territories will be offered.

Are you Interested in our business opportunity? Do you have contacts in the sports bar, restaurant and/or brew pub businesses?

Please contact Doug at Salesmiths Ltd. for further information at:


Fax: 631.642.0634

email: df.soundpod@mail.com



             The Business Opportunity

About Soundpod®

Salesmiths Ltd. is a unique sales and marketing firm that has been in business since 1981. 

Originally founded as a manufacturer's representative, Salesmiths Ltd. in combination with Consolidated Technologies Group has represented some of the oldest and most iconic brands in the housewares and home theater industries and is proud to introduce Soundpod®.


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